Look Alikes

First: we have Kim SooHyun, DaeHyun, and Jr.
They don’t look alike normally, but they do look alike when they smile.
c110402147e2b2d96b8988e76ffb7bce tumblr_inline_nghj5m9Th71qa7ayo
Next is Jiro Wang and V.
Jiro Wang and V share a similar profile lets admire it.
Jiro-Wang-fahrenheit-taiwanese-band-29518013-439-640 index
MMM~ Yes. Yes.
With their puffy cute cheeks, cupid bow lips and everything else, they look like brothers.

NEXT! We have the adorable Zelo and the handsome Kim WooBin

Screenshot (8)Rk1DGUj
I’m sorry not sorry for what I did.
They look alike when they derp . lolhttp://lotsofkpopgifs.tumblr.com
*whispers* Next. We have the brothers from another mother TaeYang and JB.
*Sings Eyes, Nose, Lips*
If someone told me JB was TaeYang’s little brother I would have believed them.
Goes off to K-Drama land
JB: Hyung, I want to make a name for myself. I don’t want to be known as little sun.
TaeYang: *Looks off into the sun* Go to JYP. He will teach you to be the K-pop whisperer.
*shakes self awake* Sorry about that. ^.^;;;
Well this is it for my look alikes. I hope you enjoyed my random post. See you next time!
Pictures not mine. Credit to the owners.


Heartstrings: Wishing for Less Characters

I wish Heartstrings had less secondary character side stories.
I’m REALLY trying to stay with the drama just for the main couple. Instead, I feel like the script writer wanted to write multiple dramas but could only pick one…so she put them all together.
images16228527824358850_621e8323_cThere’s the love torn couple, who are angry and bitter at each other, but four episodes in they love each other again.

Shin’s random band mate with his own romantic subplot.  (Also likes to eat.. a lot)tumblr_lnp9ifFELR1qbsry9                                           Why he has a story I don’t know.

(Yes. you’re cute with your puppy dog eyes )

Next character:403711 The girl who has a dream and will do anything to achieve it.  And is random boy’s love interest. She has an eating disorder, which was mentioned a couple times and hasn’t been brought up again.  She was miraculously cured, I guess? Yes, what she has is a serious issue, but for this drama and how many characters there are, I don’t know how they will handle this issue. If it was just her, I would be fine with this subplot, but it’s not.

And we have shy guy: 1347978263_leehyun-jin1 I’m guessing he failed on stage because of stage fright, but he can sing in front of people and groups of strangers. Then on a stage he freezes up? His problem isn’t stage fright but rather he can’t handle the pressure of meeting high expectations from his family and school. He can sing in front of people. A person who has stage fright can’t sing in front of people at all.

And then there’s Shin’s mother and Gyu-Won’s father relationship thing going on. *sighs*

Soooo many subplots, and I don’t get to see the main characters.
Is there a movie version like Sungkyunkwan Scandal or maybe a Youtube video of just Shin and Gyu-Won’s story?

Well, thanks for listening to me ramble.
Gif credit: ilovehanadan.tumblr.com
Gif credit: lotsofkpopgifs.tumblr.com


Job Interviews Suck

Job interviews suckRecently I’ve been looking for a job and one that is entry level to boot.
But entry level jobs are no longer entry level. I found some asking for a resume, which I have, but it’s like if micky d’s asked for a resume. And then I found some jobs labeled “entry level,” asking for at least 3 to 6 months of experience for the job you are applying for plus at least a year of work experience.

I have all that they are asking for, but it sucks if you only study and never got a job in high school or college. Good luck is all I can say.

Now to talk about the comic. I’ve had both situations happen to me. For scenario one: I came into my job interview and the person asked me with my app in their hands, “Why did you come in today?”

Seriously!? You know why I came. No I came in just for the shits and gigglestumblr_lq5ajx8u2v1qaf61t Because everyone loves a job interview now and again.

The second scenario is where your spewing so much Carp that you feel like you need to take a shower afterwards.

*yes I said Carp instead of the other word. even though I cussed up above..Never mind* http://lotsofkpopgifs.tumblr.com/