BTS “I Need U” MV Theory

This is my theory, and it could be completely wrong. Instead of doing homework, I wanted to do this. Lol. You can tell my priorities are straight. >>
Anywhoo~ I’m just going to jump in as though I’m just discussing this MV to a friend.
How everything falls apart because of V.
Now bear with me here. In the MV and in teaser photos, you see V sitting outside a door.
With this look on his face, things going on inside the house aren’t so good. Later we see him walking away from the same door as if giving up or trying to ignore what’s clearly bothering him.
Screenshot (18)
As he walks away, you see glass bottles, which I have a feeling are liquor bottles that show signs that this man here…
Screenshot (20)
…is the cause of all his problems.
And this is when it all falls apart. V seems to put up with how he and the girl are being treated, but something finally snaps.
Screenshot (22)
Distraught with what he has done to his brother, friend or father, V can no longer take it.
He kills himself. I don’t know when, where or how, but he is no longer alive by the end of this MV.

With the news that their friend took his life, even if what he did was to protect someone he loved, the members start to break slowly. The second to go is JungKook.
You can see that he is angry at the death of his friend.
Screenshot (27)
You see him wandering alone at night. Looking for a way to release his anger, he looks for a fight. At first the pain and anger seem to go away when he gets into fights, but that only helps for so long.
Screenshot (29)
JungKook doesn’t look upset anymore that he got beat up or hurt. He looks disinterested.
The next scene we see him in, he isn’t paying attention to where he’s going or what’s going on around him.
Screenshot (28)
JungKook gets hit by a car and dies.
With the news that JungKook died, everyone takes it hard.

Next is J-Hope.
J-Hope looks to be suffering from depression. With the help of his friends, he no longer needs to take his antidepressant because they are there to help him through it.
Screenshot (32)
But after the news of V’s death, J-hope went back to taking the antidepressant.
Screenshot (34)
And then with the news that JungKook died in a car accident, J-Hope couldn’t deal with losing two of his friends.
Screenshot (30)
We see him walking to this bridge before passing out from overdosing.
It seems to me that this is where V took his life. And J-hope wished that he was there to stop him. That is why he’s walking here one last time

With the death of another friend, Suga can no longer take it, frustrated with how everything is falling apart around himScreenshot (37) Suga takes his life by lighting his place on fire.
Screenshot (38)
Suga leaves a letter to JiMin explaining why he did what he did.  He was frustrated by life and how it all turned to shit because he couldn’t save V, J-Hope or JungKook.
Screenshot (39)
We see JiMin slowly slip into depression after reading Suga’s letter.
JiMin, weighted down by Suga’s words and with all that is going on around him, just wants it all to disappear. That’s why he goes under…to leave it all behind.
Screenshot (41)

Next is Rap Monster.
Rap Monster is working a part time job at a gas station.
Screenshot (43)
(We all know that what’s in his mouth isn’t a lollipop.)
He seems the least upset about the news of his friends’ death. Why? Because he is numb to it all. It doesn’t seem real with what’s happening around him. He continues working for a time, but he no longer cares about life. His friends that once gave him happiness are gone. It all seems pointless to keep going. So Rap Monster just goes…
Screenshot (45)
The look on his face…he wonders if he’ll see his friends again.

Next is Jin.
I have a feeling he shut himself away after hearing the news of V’s death.
Screenshot (48)
He seems to want to hide from the truth that he lost his friend, and with the news that he lost his other friends, Jin slowly withers away.
Screenshot (49)
And gives up.

Man that was sad to write. ㅠ.ㅠ
If I come off as insensitive while explaining how each member dies, just know there is no easy way to go about it.
Also I was going back and forth about the letter JiMin was holding, thinking it was from V or suga.
And I know the order could be swapped around with different members, but I’m certain it starts with V and ends with Jin.
This is just my random theory of what I think is happening in the MV.


2 thoughts on “BTS “I Need U” MV Theory

  1. Almost everything is explain in the “I need u MV shooting” on BangtanTV. Jhope said in the video that he reason he passed out was because of his lover or something about distraught love. V in the video is protecting who I’m pretty sure is his lover who’s being abused. He kills the man but I don’t think he kills himself. In the video Jungkook says that he is supposedly a boy running away from home and I think (accidentally) getting himself into a fight. Considering the circumstances with his home life he lets the car interfere and let it be the deciding factor. Not sure about suga hyung though.

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