Indoctrinating my friend in K-POP

fangirlI showed my friend Infinite’s ‘Back’ and the one she liked from the MV was Woo-hyun, but when I showed her Weekly Idol the charm of Sung-gyu was too strong.
Then, when I asked her why she liked Sunggyu over all the other members she said that,” he’s just so adorable and looks like a hamster.” lolhttp://lotsofkpopgifs.tumblr.comGifs and pictures not mine. Credit to the owners.


Look Alikes

First: we have Kim SooHyun, DaeHyun, and Jr.
They don’t look alike normally, but they do look alike when they smile.
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Next is Jiro Wang and V.
Jiro Wang and V share a similar profile lets admire it.
Jiro-Wang-fahrenheit-taiwanese-band-29518013-439-640 index
MMM~ Yes. Yes.
With their puffy cute cheeks, cupid bow lips and everything else, they look like brothers.

NEXT! We have the adorable Zelo and the handsome Kim WooBin

Screenshot (8)Rk1DGUj
I’m sorry not sorry for what I did.
They look alike when they derp . lol
*whispers* Next. We have the brothers from another mother TaeYang and JB.
*Sings Eyes, Nose, Lips*
If someone told me JB was TaeYang’s little brother I would have believed them.
Goes off to K-Drama land
JB: Hyung, I want to make a name for myself. I don’t want to be known as little sun.
TaeYang: *Looks off into the sun* Go to JYP. He will teach you to be the K-pop whisperer.
*shakes self awake* Sorry about that. ^.^;;;
Well this is it for my look alikes. I hope you enjoyed my random post. See you next time!
Pictures not mine. Credit to the owners.